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Brian Hodous

Chief Customer Officer, Activision Blizzard, Inc

I have been lifting weights for nearly 30 years. During that time, I have worked out in countless gyms and encountered numerous individuals in the personal training industry. Additionally, I have met many coaches and experienced many coaching styles in athletics and in business.

I have met many outstanding leaders and undergone many leadership seminars and tests during my 25 years in business. I started wrestling in grade school and continued through college. I pursued competitive bodybuilding and competed in 2 shows per year for almost a decade.

I have enjoyed daily workouts in a gym my entire adult life. I’ve lived in 6 states and 2 countries and my career in global sales has taken me to gyms in over 100 other countries. After meeting Jean and reading his book, I can say unequivocally that Jean clearly stands out among his colleagues. I attribute his success to his outstanding leadership and coaching skills.

Jean is charismatic. He can inspire others simply because of his enthusiasm toward coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline. 


Jean has a sincere desire to help his clients. He gives them the highest regard, care and respect. Jean models the life he wants for his clients. He is humble, open, nurturing and grateful. Jean is an expert in the field, yet he is constantly seeking more knowledge. Jean is perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring. He is superb at listening and understanding the client’s needs and

CLEARLY communicating a shared vision of very clear-cut and common goals.


Then, Jean provides the support, encouragement, confidence and commitment to excellence needed to achieve those goals. Jean Carrillo knows how to motivate others to succeed, stay focused, believe in themselves and overcome disappointments. He inspires others to aim higher, work harder and enjoy doing it. Have fun succeeding with Jean!


Vivian Campbell

Def Leppard

Rock Band

My name is Vivian Campbell, and I’m a guitarist with the rock group DefLeppard.

I’ve been training with Jean since summer ’06 and In recent months I’ve started training with him 5 days a week in an effort to radically reshape my body for this summer’s tour.


I’m pleased to say that the results are in and I’ve been receiving

very many compliments and comments on my fitness level and the shape of my



I’ve worked with other trainers in the past with reasonable results, but Jean’s knowledge and application have enabled me to dramatically work towards something I had never imagined possible. His knowledge of bodybuilding combined with nutrition make it possibly to focus specifically on certain aspects of the body and to target certain muscle groups. 


On top of this, his personality and approach to our workout sessions have made it such that for the first time in my life I actually look forward to, and enjoy my workouts more than ever before,

so much so that I feel bad on days I don’t train!

I can honestly say that I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in my life – both in terms of strength and aerobic capability. I’m more than pleased with the definition that my body now has.


Francis Benfatto IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Jean Carrillo has the gift of being simple without being simplistic, presenting a comprehensive weight loss approach for solving personal overweight and obesity problem, opening your mind to important values like health, longevity, vitality and happiness. 


On top of reminding me about the principles of nutrition and training, I also learned a lot of new things. 


What is interesting is the way Jean present the principles and the workout, there is a lot of enthusiasm, passion and energy. 


I find the book really rich in information and motivating. What grabs you in this book is the importance of having a balance nutrition to prevent illness while changing your physical appearance and gaining confidence within yourself. 


Buy this book, but most importantly, use it.


Jean Carrillo's book is full of practical, proven ideas that you can use immediately to boost

your self-confidence and reduce your weight.”


Brian Tracy 

America’s leading authorities on the development of humanpotential and personal effectiveness.


Joe Higuera 

Higuera Law Offices

San Diego

Orange County

Los Angeles

San Francisco

My name is Joe Higuera, and I am an attorney and avid fitness competitor residing in Orange County, CA. I regularly participate in competitive triathlons, running, snow skiing and weightlifting. I have also been training in martial arts since I was a child.  For most of my life, I have enjoyed the privilege of training with professional athletes, personal trainers and some of the world's top professional fighters. 

As such, I know the difference between a phenomenal fitness trainer and a substandard one.  In my entire life experience with the fitness and martial arts industry, I have never encountered anyone that has repeatedly taken me to the next level of fitness and skill like kickboxing expert Jean Carrillo. 

Regardless of what I am training for, and no matter how fit I become, Jean's kickboxing workout/instruction still manages to challenge me. He is always able to quickly elevate me off of that fitness time and time again that so many of us find ourselves sitting on.  Some of the additional benefits I have noticed since training with Jean include increased energy, flexibility, muscle tone, weight loss in all the right places, and an amazing cardiovascular benefit that has significantly enhanced my performance in preparing for competitive triathlons and other sports. 

Additionally, Jean's methods of teaching makes getting and staying in shape more fun and easy than any other kind of fitness activity I have ever experienced, not to mention the outstanding self-defense techniques I have learned. 

As a very busy professional practicing law, I have also found that my stress level is under far better control, my ability to focus and accomplish my professional goals at work has been significantly enhanced and my energy level throughout the day is unrelenting since I have been training with Jean.  

Additionally, I would have never had the time to enjoy this kind of training had it not been for Jean's willingness to be surprisingly flexible in working with my hectic schedule. Whether you are a world-class athlete or you have never worked out in your life, I am convinced that Jean can help you get in the best shape of your life and make it fun at the same time.  

He possesses this uncanny ability to effectively teach, train and transform people from the most athletic, fit people to the least athletic, most unfit people like no one I have ever seen. 


Lawrence Gowan  

Piano Player &

Singer for Styx

Rock Band

Jean Carrillo’s advice on exercise, the glycemic index, and general eating practices are things I try to consider everyday. 


I feel healthiest and happiest when I follow the simple guidelines in “Yes, It is All About Health”.


“Yes, It is All About Health” is the simplest most common sense approach to a very complex subject: Your Health. It is easy to understand the fundamentals of this book and begin to put them in daily practice. 


Even a little change can yield surprising results when it comes to the human body. If that endorsement sounds a low key for today’s world at large, then how about this: Want to look and feel like the lean mean rockin’ machine you’ve always

dreamed of being?


“Yes, It is All About Health” is your road to glory, superstar! (talent and batteries not inclued)


Kevin Croning 

 REO Speedwagon

Lead Singer

Rock Band

I have been very fortunate to be able to make a living doing what I love...singing, writing songs, and performing in concerts since 1972, as the lead singer of REO Speedwagon, I turned my life around and began running, working out, and eating right, back in the mid eighties , and have keep in pretty decent shape ever since.


When I saw Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell’s performance during our recent tour with Def Leppard, I was blown away. These dudes are in some seriously good physical condition, and I was curious to learn their secret.


Obviously they both work incredibly hard, and are very motivated individuals, but I knew there must be more. Then I met Jean Carrillo ... actually I ran into him in the mids of a Martial Arts

session as Jean was training one of the Def Leppard Guitarists (Phil Collen). 


The power and intensity of this workout was unbeilavable, and I immediately realized that the other part was, Jean. He is such an open and friendly person, and I could tell he believed passionately in what he was doing.


Jean’s book “Yes, It is All About Health”, is much more than a weight loss manual. In reading it I have become re-energized , and re-inspired, I found it really reader friendly, easy to follow, and I already feel results from following Jean’s program. 


I am using his workout tips. I have a better awareness of the foods I’m eating, which make choosing the best nutrition so much easier, and I am drinking water like never before, thanks Jean’s encouragement.

Merci Beaucoup Jean


Jean Carrillo's book isn't just empty words. It is based on his own Personal transformation and the transformation of his many clients, including some of the world's most famous entertainers. Pick it up, read it, apply it, and change your life forever!


Best selling author

Internationally recognized leadership and personal development expert


Jean, your seminar tonight was very informative and inspirational. 

Your advice was no-nonsense, common sense, and understandable. 

You told us how to think, act and follow through on actions that will directly improve our health and fitness.  

You have put us on the course to success, and I thank you very much.

Mr.K.C Anonymous Special Agent of the FBI

Name withheld by request Virginia, USA"


Avi Nardia C.O. KAPAP Academy. 

Former Israeli IDF Major Former Yamam Counterterror Unit Member and CQB Instructor

Dear Jean:

Thank you for your contribution to the training program of the Israeli Special Forces. We appreciate your expertise and knowledge of Thai boxing. On the behave of Lt. Colonel Chaim Peer, we would like to invite you again to teach top Israeli Counter-terror Units and V.I.P Protection Unit in Israel, in August 2006 some Thai boxing as self defense.


On the personal note, I must admit that your knowledge in CQB (Hand-to-Hand Combat) is very unique and the most practical one I have ever experienced. After 24 year of teaching Israeli Special Forces and police, swats, and military units all over the world, it was a pleasure to know you and become a student again under your guidance of Thai boxing.


Police Officer Bob. R. SWAT Team OFFICER


I have been studying different Martial Arts on and off for twenty years. 

I have seen numerous instrutors during my training. 

These instructors have been everything from excellent to a complete waste of my time and money. 


From the first day I started training with Jean I was extremely impressed with him. Not only is he a qualified expert in Muay Thai Kick Boxing and Strike but he is also an excellent instructor able to pass on his knowledge to the student.


Jean does an excellent job of pushing the student both physically and mentally to their personal limits while still making the training very enjoyable.

Lieutenant Mark. J

(Sheriff Department)


I take great pleasure in writing this letter of reference for Jean Carrillo. 


I am sure you are quite aware that you can pick up any phone book and find dozens and sometimes hundreds of ads for Martial Arts training. 


But there is only a hand full of qualified and dedicated teachers out there.. 


I am speaking from personal experience. I am also a Martial Arts instructor. I not only instruct for the general public but I have taught for several years at Orange Sheriff's Academy. 


It's rare to find a person of Jean's quality and teaching ability. 


I know anyone who is fortunate enough to train with Jean will only benefit from experience. He truly loves his art and he teaches with dedication, knowledge and intensity of a true professional..

Captain John C. SWAT OFFICER

I have spent the last 2 years training with Jean Carrillo in the art of Muay Thai and Strike Combat. By far, I have grown the most as a martial artist from my training with Jean. 


He is a world-class trainer has a unique ability to match the training to the person. He does not attempt to train all of his students in the same manner. 


Jean is interested in bringing the best of each student and has an impressive background. 


Whenever you want to train, to fight in the ring, defend yourself on the streets or just get into shape, Jean will tailor a program for you. I must warn you, Jean will push you beyond limits you never thought you could obtain! Intensity, hard work reaching new goals will improve your mental attitude. This will, in turn, affect your personal & professional life. 


In working with Jean, you will develop your mind and body, so you can think under pressure, take appropriate action & deliver effective strikes, when needed. Ask yourself, if you spend the next year training at half-speed or pulling your strikes (wich a lot of style do), what do you think would happen when you need the energy the most to defend yourself or your family? 


In closing, I highly recommend Jean Carrillo as a trainer. If you are reading this, you have probably researched other trainers and styles. Compare what they have to offer, visit some training sessions and ask the tough questions. I am confident Jean Carrillo will ewill exceed your expectations! Train HARD and remember NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY


I have never tried kick boxing before, other than a tape. I have done weight training and running and I ride and jump horses. But, kick boxing with Jean is the best workout that I have ever had!

Jean is an awesome trainer. He knows just how far to push you, to get that little extra from you.  He is encouraging, kind, funny and tough. He does what he needs to, to help you achieve your very best. I look forward to each and every workout. 

They are tough, but fun.


I always leave my workout full of energy and the knowledge that I did my best and worked hard. I am much stronger and have more confidence in all that I do. Jean is very knowledgeable. 

He teaches you about nutrition and gives you workouts and exercises that really strengthen and tone your body. I can see a difference in the way my clothes fit and how I feel. 

I am so glad that I met Jean and that I am able to train with him. He provides a tough but awesome work out. He makes me want to get up each day and get my butt kicked!I highly recommend Jean. 

You will get the best workout of your life and you'll love it!


Lisa Draney. Marketing Specialist


I consider you the Tony Robbins of Self Defense and Fitness. 


In less that 2 months you have dramatically improved my strength, endurance and confidence. 


After 20 plus years training in other styles your training proves the quickest and most effective.

At age 50 I am in the best shape of my life; thanks to you. 

There is a MAGIC in what you do and the only way for some one to experience that is to train with you.


Thank you for all you have done for me. I highly suggest your training. 


Scott Vandruff  Director of Business Development.


Jean makes training and working out not only fun but challenging. 


Dollar for dollar it's the best workout program I've done. 


Jean is very knowledgeable, talented, and he practices what he teaches. You will love to hate him! 


Take the challenge, I promise, you will look and feel better!

Adrianne. C Law Enforcement.​

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