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About Jean

What could a group of suburban housewives, a collection of Rock n Roll’s most celebrated artists, a hardcore company of S.W.A.T. cops, and a tactical but deadly French Intervention Group possibly have in common? 

They are a part of an extremely versatile client list of one of the martial arts’ world’s most impressive fighters and fitness trainers Jean Carrillo. 

Jean’s story is one right out of the fiction books. As a stout hearted and loyal French Marine Corps he left the service to take his martial arts & fitness experience wherever it was needed most. 

Jean’s wealth of knowledge extends from that service
as a marine in 1987 with the French Special Forces and from working as a close combat Instructeur with the French Foreign Legion in Africa. 

Jean also spent time instructing a myriad of elite military and law enforcement forces in close combat.

Jean is the founder of the C3 considered one of the best self-defense systems taught to regular law enforcement officers, S.W.A.T. members, and the Gendarmerie Nationale

(French Police). 

Before Jean would take his skills to the masses as a muay thai trainer and he had to prove to himself that it worked.

After years of competition fighting. Jean became the 1987 French and European in Tae Kwon Do & Muay Thai.

Jean holds a 3rd degree Black Belt in Karate from the International Sport Karate Association, a 4th Degree Black Belt in Kick Boxing from the World Karate Association as well as belts in Tae Kwon Do and other disciplines. 


Jean has worked ‘in the corner’ for fighters including “Razor” Rob Mc Cullough, Manu Ntho, Niko Read, Philippe Baudron, four time Thai Radjadamnern Champion Kongnapa, David Sannier. 

Jean Carrillo is certified as a muay thai instructor by the French Muay Thai Federation as well as the French Kick Boxing Federation and French Full Contact Federation.


Jean is also certified in Kick Boxing and as a Full Contact Trainer by the W.K.A. and I.S.K.A. organizations. 

Jean has found his way into the music business, of sorts, as the official personal trainer for British rock band Def Leppard subsequently taking on lead guitarist Phil Collen as his special client. ​

Jean has also toured with Journey, REO Speed Wagon, Styx, Foreigner, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, Poison, and Cheap Trick.

Although some of his clients are celebrities, MMA World Kick Boxing, and Muay Thai Champions many others are regular, everyday people looking to find their way to a fit and healthy life. 

Jean have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education (France Tronc Commun du Brevet d'etat Educateur Sportif 1er Degree).


Jean uses all of his experience in fighting, training, nutrition, and coaching to assist his clients in reaching their goals.

Jean has authored hundreds of articles on bodybuilding, fat loss, fitness, martial arts and he is the author of the book The Bridge Connecting Mind & Body.​

He has inspire, train and coach some  of the most popular bodybuilders and fitness athletes all over the world for the last 25 years.

Jean is the author of the book "The Bridge Connecting Mind & Body" and was on International TV to speak about the importance of health, fitness and personal development. Jean speak all over the world about health, success and fitness/

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